Sunday, July 29, 2007

Loved It!

So, E took me to see "No Reservations" tonight, and I absolutely loved it! Abigail Breslin is a total darling, and a great little actress. Catherine Zeta-Jones was amazing, I totally adore her, both as an actress and a strong woman. It was a wonderful surprise to see her in a different role. And Aaron Ekhart is charming and witty and gorgeous. I've only ever seen him as a tough-guy type, so it was nice to see him in a different role as well. My only complaint is that they didn't show enough FOOD! Well, for me anyway. I'm sure non-foodie people complained that there was too much food, but I can never get enough. I enjoyed it a lot, and if you're as into food as I am, I'm sure you will, too.
And after seeing the film, I was inspired to cook (as if I weren't enough already!) but, I had already eaten dinner, I decided to at least make SOMETHING. I totally forgot that my new bento box arrived on Friday! Away to the kitchen I ran as soon as we got home. On the menu for tomorrow: red baby grapes (I used the smaller ones so I could cram as many as I could in there), a Babybel cheese (so good!), 5 Townhouse crackers, and a whole wheat wrap consisting of cream cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pastrami and bean sprouts. I can't wait to show it off... errr, I mean, eat out of it, tomorrow!!

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Peabody said...

And see my husband and I were not fans of it. We felt they marketed it as a romantic comedy and we thought it was way too heavy. I think if I had know that it was going to be more drama than comdey then I would have enjoyed it more.