Friday, August 31, 2007

If You Can't Wait...

There are a couple of reasons I've been so scarce lately. 1) Super busy. Like, crazy-running-around-like-a-madwoman crazy. 2) My house has no a/c, so I've been avoiding standing over our gas stove for fear of heat exhaustion. I do have some rather exciting news to pass on, but that'll have to wait a while, sorry!

Anyways, if you're like me, you can't wait till "No Reservations" comes out on DVD. When I saw it in theatres, I caught that it was based on a German movie called "Mostly Martha", so once I got home, it was off to for me! I found it, and shortly after that, it showed up in my mailbox. I was curious. Would it be as good as the American version? I watched it last night, and as it turns out, it was darn near EXACTLY the same. The only thing different, besides the obvoius fact that they were speaking German, is the editing was a bit grainier and the actors were a little less attractive. Even the script sounded the same. But, I gotta admit, when it comes to food porn, "Mostly Martha" has "No Reservations" beat. I'll still get "No Reservations" when it comes out on DVD, though, because I feel that when Catherine Zeta-Jones is talking to her therapist about her cooked pigeons with truffles, she's much more believable of a chef. In the end, "Mostly Martha" is a good thing to have on-hand when you're waiting for "No Reservations" to come out on DVD.
Also, in case you're a crazy Silverchair fan like I am, their new Album "Young Modern" is fan-friggin'-tastic. They've come a LONG way since their first album, it's crazy how "grown up" they sound. I can't stop listening to it. I listen to in the car, at work, at the gym, and yes, even while I'm in the kitchen. They have a good solid beat to their music that just keeps me going. I. Love. Them. I think it's to the point where I hear their songs in my sleep, which is weird, because a good deal of their songs (past and present) are about sleep, or the lack thereof. Anyway, if you like Radiohead or Muse, then you'll LOVE Silverchair. Trust me on this one, ok? Oh, and I promise, my next post will be food-related. ;-)


Peabody said...

I much prefered Mostly Martha over No Reservations.
BTW- welcome to the Daring Bakers.

Deborah Dowd said...

I can't wait to see No Reservations, but I watched Mostly Martha a year or so ago with my daughters and they liked it despite he subtitles! Have you seen Tortilla Soup? Another of my favorite food porn (and family) movies!