Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Can Feel It In The Air...

Fall is coming! I went for a walk after dinner with E and the doggie, and it was cloudy out with a slight breeze, and I could *feel* Autumn in the air. Why I'm posting about Autumn when it's still a month and a half away is beyond me, maybe it's just because I'm really looking forward to it.
Autumn is absolutely my favorite season. I've gathered some photos (from Google images, since I don't have any great examples of my own) to show you exactly what it is about Autumn that I love.
First, the COLORS! Seattle is so gorgeous in the Fall. I'm outside a lot in the Fall because I teach color guard at a local high school, and I love seeing all the different shade of red, orange, yellow and green.
Second, SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Call me a nerd, but I love them. I think it the eternal student in me that just loves all school supplies. The more the better, bring 'em on! I recently dropped $25 at Target on school supplies alone, and I didn't even really need the, I just love them so much.
Next are pears. I used to not be a big fan of pears when I was growing up, but for some reason, I've been so drawn to bake with them. I love the way Meg Ryan describes how pears taste in "City of Angels": sugary sand that melts on my tongue. Yum.
Next, I LOVE going the the pumpkin patch. I'll admit, this is a picture of my neice when we went to the patch last year. The one by our house has a corn maze and hay rides, too, so it's like a little mini-amusement park.

And, lastly, Halloween. This is probably our favorite holiday of all. That's due to the fact that it's not one of the major holidays where our in-laws want us to come visit, and we can dress up and pretend to be someone else. As a tradition, the entire month of October we watch nothing but scary movies, we reserve our regular movies for before or after October.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. I'm still enjoying Summer immensely (I have a day full of inner-tubing on a river on the 18th), but you can't deny that Fall is slowly creeping up on us. Oh, and sorry there's no food post this time, but rest assured, there will be. I have a potluck on Friday, and I'm going to be trying a new recipe, and there are a few blogging events coming up that I'll be participating in as well.

Also, if anyone wants to do Blogging By Mail (BBM) with me, just let me know! I know the actual event itself is closed (dangit, I missed it!), but I'd still like to do it. I can think of a few pretty awesome Seattle-ish things to throw in a box for someone who wants it.



Jennifer said...

I know what you mean. I am originally from California, but I feel like I have missed out on Fall all my life til I moved up here. it is my favorite season! I can't wait til Honey Crisps are in season, the pumpkin patch, the leaves turning beautiful colors- it's a gorgeous time of year!

Betsy said...

The only thing I feel in the air is humidity! It has been running close to 100 degrees here! But, I do love school supplies too! This year I hit the Dollar Tree and had a blast!

Valli said...

Fall is my favourite time of the year!! I love the crispness of the can just smell it coming. When I lived in Eastern Canada the fall colours were incredible. I have memories of many long Sunday drives through the country, going to the farms stands and pumpkin patches with my daughter, climbing on pioneer fences, picking apples....We can do the same things here in British Columbia but the colours are not the same. The forests are made of pine and poplar trees. But every so often there is a hint of red from the sumac trees or in the city from the maples lining the streets...the crisp air is still there though. Time for soup, shepherds pie and macaroni and cheese!!!!