Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Introducing: Me... and My Apron!

Good morning! I figured that since I got my first blog out of the way, I'd show everyone who I am. This photo was taken on Memorial Day when we hosted a potluck at our house. I got the cute green raindrops apron from, and it was well worth the ungodly amount they had me pay for it. I'm hoping to show it off during the One Off Event that Lucullian Delights is hosting here:

I guess you could say I was feeling... Latina...-ish. I don't know why, since Memorial Day isn't a holiday outside the USA, and I don't have a drop of Latin blood in me whatsoever, but oh well, I was bored and home alone for much of the day. My mom couldn't resist taking this photo of me, she thought I looked like a modern June Cleaver. I had to laugh, my mom is so cute! So, there I am, in the kitchen where all the magic happens. I'd like everyone to imagine that's what I look like when I'm baking, but alas, I'm usually in just a pair of jeans and a Lynyrd Skynyrd tee.

I'm looking forward to posting my first Sugar High Friday next month, so be on the lookout for something sweet!



Glenna said...

You're adorable! Love the apron. It's perfect! That should be your blog pic.

Ilva said...

Meghan, I'm so sorry, I did write a comment here when you sent me this the first time but apparently Blogger didn't accept it for some reason! Thanks a lot for your entry and of course you will be included!