Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Randomness and a Contest

Hello everyone! I just felt compelled to blog today, even though I don't really have much to say that's food-related besides the fact that I have a strong urge to bake tonight. Possibly cookies. My co-workers will love that.

Ok, so I know that being a foodie blogger, you don't really get to know me personally, other than "that crazy girl who cooks and procrastinates on her Daring Bakers challenges." LOL, anyway, I will tell you that I am a total geek. I may not look it, but I am certifiably the geekiest person in my circle. Don't believe me? Want me to prove it? Ok, here's one: I have a Lord of the Rings tattoo on my left foot. Not only because I couldn't live without LOTR, but because it's the same tattoo that the cast got while filming the trilogy. Yeah, I got a double whammy on that one. I can recite the LOTR movies verbatim... which is why no one will watch them with me anymore, because I can't help myself from reciting the script while it's playing onscreen.

Which brings me to my next point: I have just discovered Wil Wheaton's blog (http://www.wilwheaton.typepad.com/). When I was 4 years old, I declared to my whole family that I would marry him. I watched "Stand By Me" non-stop for about a year of my life. Gordy was my favorite character, probably because he was so relatable, so "real" to me. When I got a bit older, I read Stephen King's novella "The Body" and all I could do was imagine Wil playing Gordy in my mind. I know he's all grown up now and so am I, but every time I see his face, I rewind back to 1986-88 to when I thought I was the girl for him. Is that weird?

And, last but not least, feelow blogger marye over at Baking Delights is holding a contest to win a cookbook by Dorie Greenspan and a $10 Amazon.com gift card! I figured, hey, why not give it a shot? All I she's asking for is a tagline for her blog, since she desires something punch and pizzazz. So, I'm hoping she likes what I came up with, which is:

"Baking Delights: Good enough to take a bite!!"

I was thinking of maybe saying "byte" instead of bite, so it's a play on words, since her blog is online and stuff, but I didn't want it to sound too... dorky. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed!! And marye, I hope you get just what you're looking for from this contest. Gotta suuport my fellow DBers!!


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marye said...

LOL! Thanks Mehgan...A LOTR tat huh? hmmm. ;)